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How Did John McGeehan Survive?

How did John McGeehan survive? I’d really love to know. I would love to know because in my future police encounters, I’d be thrilled to feel comfortable enough to think I have enough slack during the encounter to be able to drunkenly fire one shot into the air without being riddled with bullets. (Not that … Continue reading

#WriteTip: What it’s like to write fiction

So, you’re thinking about writing fiction, but you can’t come up with enough of an idea to keep the ball rolling? Guess what? You’re not alone. Truth is, most fiction writers feel the same way with each new project. A lot of times I’m waving around in the wind, researching whatever I’m currently interested in … Continue reading

#WriteTip: Take some time to acknowledge your accomplishments

The author/book that inspired me to attempt my hand at fiction writing was David Baldacci’s ABSOLUTE POWER (Warner Books; First Edition edition, January 1996). My first book was published some 16 years later, in 2012. Last night, I had a new (strange) feeling. David Baldacci posted this picture (on the left) of his latest book, THE … Continue reading

Research video: Ride a space shuttle into space, and fall back down to earth

As you folks may already know, as I research for, and write, my new novel, I like to share cool tidbits with you from my various forms of research. Space is incredibly awesome. And researching about what’s beyond this planet is truly a humbling experience. Think about this: If the sun were the size of a … Continue reading

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Albert Einstein

We as humans have a way of looking at history  through the lenses of rose-colored glasses. We talk about things like Ben Franklin flying a kite to discover electricity, when actually, Franklin didn’t discover electricity, at all.  Electricity had been discovered long before then. Or we talk about the great American Revolution while overlooking the practicality that … Continue reading

What happens to a funny dream upon awakening?

) Have you ever had a dream that was so funny that you woke up laughing? You may have found that dream so funny that you’re compelled to share it with a partner or close friend. But, whenever you do try to tell someone about it, you quickly realize it’s actually not funny at all. … Continue reading

460 Documentary Of The Week: Quantum Physics

Research, Documentaries — I’ve been doing research for my new novel. A lot of it requires reading up on the physical sciences. Brain explosion-type-stuff. This week’s interesting documentary makes it a bit easier to understand. If you’ve got time to watch, (and you’re interested in this kind of stuff) enjoy it.

SOT: How Serious Should we take RT’s Anchor Liz Wahl Resigning On Air?

A Sign Of The Times — The propaganda war was on display at its best, this week. On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 we watched a Russia Today news anchor, Liz Wahl, resign from her job on air after 2.5 years of working there. Her explanation had to do with the RT network “whitewashing” the Ukraine/Russia conflict. … Continue reading

Happiness: A mix-up of definitions and understanding

In 2007, a close friend of mine moved from Brooklyn to rural Sierra Leone, Africa. Before she left, I found myself surrounded by empty boxes and sprawled out clothes inside of her bedroom. She was convinced that the boxes were placed strategically in spots representative of her method of packing, but she still struggled to … Continue reading

Last War is available for purchase now!

With much anticipation, the sophomore novel of Vincent Heck is now available for purchase on your electronic devices. Conspiracy, government, action, drama, thriller. This book may not let you put it down. When Jason Upton takes to his patriotic  task of fighting America’s ‘War On Terror’, he finds that his own involvement may, or may … Continue reading